Arizona Overlanding Gear List

Let’s get dirty and hit the road for our next overland adventure! What does that mean? What do you need? Where should you go? With the right gear for overlanding anything is possible.

Overlanding: The Experience

Have you ever seen a forest service road and wondered “Where does that go?” Overlanding takes that wonder and turns it into your next outdoor adventure. It’s about using your vehicle—whether it’s a rugged 4×4, an off-road camper, or an adventure-ready SUV—to turn that beaten path into a pleasure cruise. What about all the amenities of a hotel or resort you say? That is the real experience of overlanding. The gear for this type of adventure is limitless. Just depends on how boushie you want to get in your backcountry excursion.

The recent Overland Expo, hosted at Fort Tuthill this May, was one of the largest gatherings of Overlanding enthusiasts in the country. At the Overland Expo, you can connect with like-minded individuals, attend informative workshops, and discover the latest gear and equipment to enhance your overlanding experience. 

Essential Gear for a Memorable Overlanding Experience

When it comes to overlanding, having the right gear can make all the difference. Here are seven essential items we recommend taking with you on your overlanding adventures:

  1. Biolite FirePit – What better way to end a long day of following the path less taken but with a campfire. Long gone are the days of getting air to the fire manually to get the fire going. Sit back in your comfy camp chair and use the app on your phone to turn up the fan on this firepit. Yes we said use your phone to adjust the flame. Also, when was the last campfire you had that you could also use to charge your phone or cook your dinner and best of all it is smokeless after you get it going. BioLite products are available at Peace Outfitters! 
  2. Solar Panel – Adding a solar panel to your overlanding setup means you can charge your devices, hang those cute string lights around your campsite at night, or even keep a portable fridge running. It’s a way to create more self sufficiency while exploring that long dirt road! We carry both Goal Zero and Biolite solar panels at Peace Outfitters so you can come see both brands for yourself. 
  3. Base Chargers – If you’ve invested in a solar panel, you’ll want a way to store that energy for use later! Base Chargers are portable power stations that you can charge up before your trip and connect to your solar panel when you’re on the road. Different gear can require different wattage and BioLite’s Base Charger is equipped for whatever your charging needs are. Come talk to a Peace Outfitter sales representative if you have questions! 
  4. Roof-Top Tent – These versatile and convenient shelters allow you to set up camp wherever your vehicle can take you, providing a comfortable and elevated sleeping space. Go Fast Campers was one of many companies showing off their superior rooftop tents at the Overlanding Expo this May.
  5. Easy Stove Set Up – There are lots of ways to cook on the road. Two of our favorite ways include cast irons and a portable two burner stove fueled with propane. 
  6. Off-Road Recovery Kit – Be prepared for any challenges along the way with an off-road recovery kit. This kit typically includes items such as a snatch strap, recovery tracks, a tire repair kit and a reliable recovery shovel.
  7. Water Filtration System – Ensure a clean and reliable water source with a portable water filtration system! Some of our favorite filters are MSR, Sawyer Squeeze, HydraPak and Platypus. Stop in Peace to get an explanation of our favorite water filters. 
Peace Surplus Sells Bio Lite 600 base chargers

Explore the Overlanding Wonders of Arizona

Arizona’s diverse landscapes offer a multitude of options for those eager to explore its rugged terrains. Here are a few spectacular places that deserve a spot on your off-roading and overlanding bucket list:

  1. Sedona – An obvious first choice! Immerse yourself in the enchanting red rock landscapes of Sedona. With its iconic trails like Broken Arrow and Schnebly Hill Road, this destination offers thrilling off-roading experiences and breathtaking vistas that will leave you in awe.
  2. Mogollon Rim – Discover hidden beauty of the Mogollon Rim, stretching over 200 miles through the Coconino National Forest. This stunning destination features a variety of trails, from moderate routes like the General Crook Trail to challenging paths like the Highline Trail, offering panoramic views and a chance to get lost in nature’s embrace.
  3. White Mountains – Escape to the White Mountains, to explore off-road trails like the famous Alpine Loop and immerse yourself in dense forests, alpine meadows, and pristine lakes, making it an ideal destination for overlanding and camping adventures.
  4. Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument – Experience the unique beauty of the Sonoran Desert at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. This remote and wild destination boasts scenic drives like the Ajo Mountain Drive, where you’ll encounter diverse desert flora, towering cacti, and breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in vibrant hues.
  5. Crown King – Embark on an off-roading journey to the historic mining town of Crown King. Accessible via the rugged Senator Highway, this destination offers thrilling trails and a step back in time. Prepare for steep ascents, narrow passages, and picturesque mountain views that will make your heart race with excitement.