Flagstaff Ski and Snowboard Repair

Taking Care of Your Skis and Snowboard

If you’ve spent a few weekends skiing or snowboarding in Flagstaff this winter, it’s likely time to repair your gear for the rest of the season. Throughout the season your skis or snowboard can lose wax, have dulled edges and get scratches and nicks. Although that’s normal wear and tear, here’s what we recommend to take care of your gear: 

Waxing Your SnowBoard + Skis

Why wax your gear? Waxing helps you glide more smoothly down the mountain. If the snow is wetter, it helps to prevent your skis from sticking or catching on the snow. If the snow is icy, it helps protect the bottom of your skis or snowboard from scratches.  

How often should you wax your skis or snowboard? We recommend once at the beginning of the season and once midway through the season.

Peace Surplus Wax Options

  • Quick Wax: You can get a quick wax for your skis or snowboard from Peace Surplus for just $5. Quick waxes are great for going up to the mountain 1-2 times but will soon need to be rewaxed.
  • Hot Wax: This requires our ski techs to apply a layer of hot wax to your entire ski or snowboard bottoms and gently shave it off, leaving a hardy layer of wax behind. This is $12 and will last a half to full season.

Edging Your Skis

What is “edging” your skis? The edges of skis are often made of stainless steel that can dull over time. With a sharper edge, you can cut through snow, making turning feel a little more seamless. 

How often should I edge my skis? It’s recommended to edge your skis every 10-12 days of skiing. Depending on the snow, this can vary. If you spend a lot of time skiing on tough, icy snow, you’ll need to edge your skis more often. 

Peace Surplus Edging Options:

  • Edge and Wax: We offer an edge and wax combination for just $20. If you’re getting a hot wax anyways, it’s likely your skis could need a sharper edge. 
  • Tuning Packages: Edging is also part of the basic tune and high performance tune package mentioned below. 

Base Repair for Nicks and Scratches 

It’s not uncommon to acquire scratches or nicks on the bottom of your skis or snowboard throughout the season. This is especially common if you’re riding through the trees or in icy snow. If the scratch is deep enough that you can run your finger nail over the scratch and it gets caught, it should be repaired. 

How do we repair these? We melt a material called “Ptex” onto the damaged area of your board. We then gently remove the extra Ptex and smooth out the bottom of your board before applying a new layer of wax to the bottom of your board. 

Depending on the depth of the scratch, it’s important to repair to prevent water damage on your skis or snowboard. 

Peace Surplus Base Repair Options:

  • Basic Tune: The basic tune includes repairing the bottom of your board with Ptex, waxing and edging your board. This costs $30.
  • High Performance Tune: In some rare cases, if the bottom of your board or skis has multiple deep cuts that will take a lot of time to repair, we charge $40 for a high performance tune – this still includes a wax and edge to your board. Feel free to talk to your ski tech about the severity of damage on you board or skis and if it requires a high performance tune.

How to Schedule Your Gear Repair at Peace Surplus 

You can call Peace Surplus and we’ll be able to tell you how quickly we can repair your gear. If you’re not in a rush, just stop in and drop off your gear for repair and we’ll complete the repair as quickly as possible. See full rental page below.

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