Flagstaff Winter Activity Guide

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful and snow covered town. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, sledding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or just playing in the snow there are so many winter sports to enjoy. 

Recreate Safety and Respectfully

While you’re recreating this winter here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Winter play is all about having fun while being safe. Please be careful not to park along roadways, even if parking lots are full. Arrive early or find a spot outside of town that’s less likely to be overcrowded on the weekend. There is no parking or stopping on Highway 180 or I-17. 
  • Be careful to play in the snow far away from roadways. Consider talking about this with your friends or family before you arrive at a snow play area. If you’re sledding, make sure to sled down a hill that’s pointed away from the road.
  • We love our little town of Flagstaff and really want to keep it clean. If you’re sledding, make sure to take your sleds home. Even if they happen to break apart while you’re sledding, please take the extra time to gather the sled pieces (and even recycle them!). Let’s keep our public lands plastic free.
  • Research road conditions before you leave! You can view road conditions here.  
  • Visit Discover Flagstaff for the official winter map and other important tips. 

Wherever you are playing in the snow this winter, let’s all protect the public lands we love! 

Designated Snow Play Areas in Flagstaff

If you’re looking for a designated area to tube, sled, cross country ski or snowshoe, here are some options:

  • Flagstaff Snow Park: Flagstaff Snow Park is a tubing winter wonderland. They have many groomed tubing runs, including some just for kids! Tickets are available for weekends and Holidays through February. Tickets are $14 for a half day and $21 for full day pass. They also have food trucks, restrooms, firepits and picnic tables. 
  • Happy Jack Lodge: This lodge is just an hour outside of Flagstaff and charges $10 for a full day of fun in the snow. They have cabins available if you’d like to make it a weekend trip and a general store stocked with snacks for the day. Happy Jack is one of the only places you can sled safely, away from the roads. They even have sleds available for purchase. 
  • Arizona Nordic Village – The Nordic Village is the perfect place to cross country ski or snowshoe. For $25 a day (kids under 6 are free!), you can cross country ski their well groomed trails. See a trail report here. There are additional costs for renting cross country skis or snowshoes  from the Nordic Village. You can view their prices here

Free Snow Play, Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing Areas in Flagstaff

  • Thorpe Park: Bring your kids to play in the snow here! Build snowmen, make snow angels and enjoy a day of snow close to town. This is also one of the best options for not getting stuck in Snowbowl traffic! Be sure to play far from roadways and park in the parking lots. 
  • Buffalo Park: You can cross country ski, snowshoe and play in the snow here! Buffalo park doesn’t provide any gear, so you’ll need your own or can rent from Peace Surplus. We offer cross country ski rentals for $15 per day, and snowshoes for $12 per day. We also have snow shoes available for purchase.
  • Floxglenn Park: Snow play is also allowed here! Although you can’t cross country ski, this is another great place to bring the kids for a day of fun. 
  • Fort Tuthill: Cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snow play are all allowed at Fort Tuthill. This pig park has plenty of places to park, and enough trails for everyone. Again, you’ll need your own gear to cross country ski or snowshoe here. Make sure to keep our parks and public land clean! 

Closed Snow Play Areas 

  • Wing Mountain Snowplay Area (due to the pipeline fire) 
  • Oak Hill Snowplay Area. 

We hope you have a fabulous winter playing in our abundance of snow and public land, all while staying safe and  keeping it clean!