Get Ready for the Flagstaff Masters Disc Golf World Championships

Flagstaff Masters Disc Golf World Championships

WE know Flagstaff is the greatest little town ever, but apparently the world Disc Golf Community thinks so too… 

This July, representatives from over 25 countries will gather in our mountain town to compete in the 2023 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships. Pretty neat, right?? 

Bill Block, long time disc golf enthusiast and the competitor organizer, met to give us the 411 on the event.


Apparently Flagstaff is no stranger to hosting world class disc golf competitions. (Who knew?) In 2003, Flagstaff hosted the Pro World Championships and in 2005 we hosted the Amateur World Championships. 

The players will use Flagstaff’s 7 (SEVEN!) disc golf courses, each with 18 holes. Luckily, students from NAU will likely be home for the summer, giving the town a little more space, because an estimated 800-1,000 players will be in town along with friends and family. 

The competition is open to spectators, and consists of enough disc throwing to make anyone tired. There will be 4 preliminary rounds. Then, the top 40% in each division will play another round. Finally on Saturday, the top 4 competitors in each division will play 9 more holes.  

Bill Block recommends players give themselves a few days to adjust to Flagstaff’s 7,000 foot elevation and more intense UV rays. It’s not easy up here at the top 😉

Bill says sometimes discs can even fly a little differently at elevation. So players — get out and give your discs a toss! If you need to grab a disc or stock up on sunscreen, stop by Peace Surplus. We arguably have the best Disc Golf selection in town… and definitely have the most helpful employees around!

This event isn’t all about the competitors! There will be a Fly Mart with lots of disc golf gear and representation from the local art community. Not to mention, if you travel ALL this way, you might as well take advantage of all the vacation-like activities that Flagstaff offers (See fun list below!). 

Not every city could pull this off! The Masters planning team wants to emphasize the tremendous support from the Flagstaff city and county. They’re helping to provide facilities, upgrading the courses and helping with many competition details. 


Do we even need to express how special our mountain town is? Come and see for yourself. Flagstaff is the perfect combination of quality disc golf courses while being a vacation destination for those traveling from across the world. 


The Little America Property has done SO much to prep for the 2023 Masters. First, the Hotel is offering discounted rates during the competition, you can take a gander here

Next, a completely new disc golf course was added to the Little America property for the competition. (Get excited, Flagstaff locals!) The course made its debut for the “Breeze Through the Trees” competition last fall and there’s talk that it could outrank Fort Tuthill for Arizona’s best disc golf course. 

Lastly, there will be one temporary disc golf course on the Little America property bringing the total disc golf courses to 7… as long as the course at Snowbowl, Flagstaff Ski Resort that has a season total of 327 inches of snow, melts by July… *fingers crossed!* 

Other hotels have also offered discounts including Country Inn & Suites, Marriott Residence Inn, DoubleTree and Twin Arrows. The Masters team is still working on the details, so check here for the latest hotel updates. 


  1. Grab a coffee from one of Flagstaff’s quaint little coffee shops. We love the outdoor patio at Late for the Train. 
  2. Walk around downtown! The downtown is full of fun shops, clothing stores, outdoor stores, restaurants, and usually live music in the summertime. 
  3. Hike a 2 mile loop at Buffalo Park, one of the best views in town. 
  4. Stop at the Sweets Shop for a tasty dessert. 
  5. Take a hike! The Lava Tube Caves, Meteor Crater, and Walnut Canyon are all half-day trips that you can’t miss. 


If you’re from out of town, there are a few Flagstaff classics that you must take advantage of. If you need more recommendations, come into Peace Surplus and our staff will chat with you about how to spend your precious Flagstaff days. 

  1. Lowell Observatory: Flagstaff is a dark sky city, meaning the stars here are incredible! Stop by the Observatory after dark to stargaze! 
  2. Grand Canyon: This is no ordinary hole in the ground, okay? Just trust us and go see for yourself. 
  3. Museum of Northern Arizona: You’ll learn the history of the natives that have made this part of the country their home for centuries. 
  4. Snowbowl: Not the hiking type but still want a killer view?  In the summer, you can ride a gondola up to 11,500 feet and see the Grand Canyon on a clear day.  


Although no restaurants have officially offered discounts for the week of the event, below are some of our staff’s favorite places to chow down. 

  1. Lumberyard Brewing: The best place in town for an out-of-this-world burger. 
  2. Pato Thai There are SO many Thai restaurants in town, you can’t go wrong but we love Pato.
  3. Salsa Brava: Classic Mexican with speedy service and huge portions. 
  4. Fratelli’s Pizza – Cheesy, delicious and lots of options. 
  5. Dark Sky Brewing – Not just a brewery! They serve pizza, unique appetizers and have an outdoor patio that is the perfect place to relax after a day on the course. 


  1. Peace Surplus… obviously! We have so many discs that we’re tripping over them… not to mention we also have the outdoor gear you’ll need for any of your other Northern Arizona Adventures. 
  2. Old Town Shops: Once you stumble into this collection of locally owned shops and restaurants, good luck ever wanting to leave.
  3. Flagstaff General Store: Full of Flagstaff branded nick knacks and locally made items, we love this place! 
  4. Crystal Magic: Stop in for some wacky vibes and wildly cool crystals formed into every shape you can imagine. 
  5. The Golden Hive – Nestled right next to Peace Surplus is the tiniest honey shop you can’t leave town with stepping inside.  

Have questions about the Masters? Visit the official website

Have questions about gear, discs or want to meet the most fun employees in Flagstaff? Call Peace Surplus! (928) 779-4521.