The Summer Gear You Need!

Summer is here, and with it comes the opportunity to explore new places, try new things and just have fun. Whether you’re going on a hike around Flagstaff or backpacking the PCT, some essential pieces of gear will make your experience more enjoyable. We’ve packed a list of our five favorite things for summer to make sure you are prepared for any adventure. 

1. Bedrock Sandals: The Ultimate Summer Shoe

Our summer shoes of choice are Bedrock Sandals. They are lightweight but sturdy, excellent for river trips or simply hiking with your toes out! The founders of these sandals were on a mission to create the perfect shoe to “let your feet feel more free,” and we think they nailed it with these. And what is summer about if not freedom? The shoe bed is a little flatter than Chacos, making them the ideal fit for folks with lower arches. Bedrock has a variety of models that are better suited for different activities: from light trail and town meandering to rugged trail or river use, your sole mate is waiting for you at Peace!

2. Rechargeable Lantern for Dark Sky Nights 

The sun stays in the sky longer in the summer, but the nights here are some of the darkest. As the world’s first International Dark Sky City, Flagstaff nights sometimes need a little glow-up. Don’t worry; the BioLite AlpenGlow lanterns won’t pollute our skies. Just enough to create an excellent ambiance and light up your campsite. These rechargeable lanterns are compact and reliable. The super-efficient 500 lumens light can light up your life for about 5 hours. The best part? You can shake it to change the color! There are warm and cool modes and multiple settings to achieve the perfect tone for your evening. 

3. Hammocks for much-needed RNR 

Hammocks are the perfect combo of rest and adventure. Take them on your next day hike for a well-earned cat nap. They’re super compact and light, making them a no-brainer addition to your daypack. You can also take them further into the woods on your next camping adventure! Some people even sleep in them—so they must be comfortable. Heck, you could even use it to take a snooze in the summer sun at a local park. Maybe your next road trip can include hammock breaks instead of roadside rest stop benches! Peace carries single and double hammocks, so you can snuggle up with a buddy or relax solo. We have both Eno and Grand Trunk stocked at Peace, so come on by and pick out your favorite. 

4. Water Sports! Because it’s already hot 

Summer is the perfect time for water sports! Whether you’re into whitewater kayaking or cruising along on an inflatable SUP, we have all the gear you need to make this hot summer a little more paddle-a-ble. Sorry, palatable. We keep swimwear in stock so you can pop into the water at a moment’s notice. Grab a Pack Towel to dry off after, or use it for sitting on a sandy Sedona beach. It’s lightweight and extra absorbent, meaning you can spend all day in the water. 

When it’s time to get on the water, Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are a superb choice. We have Solstice SUPs at Peace, and they come with a paddle, pump, and a backpack-style bag to carry it all back to shore. We also have kayaks if you want something a little quicker-paced. That being said, people really can choose their own adventure with SUPs and kayaks.  

Not ready to invest in a big piece of equipment? We also rent! Stop by to check out our SUPs and kayaks for your next day trip. Warning: you may be hooked. As always, we would love to help you figure out the best thing for you. Come over and pick our brains about our favorite water sports! 

5. First Aid Kit: A Must for Outdoor Fun

First aid kits aren’t a fun addition to your summer set, but they are crucial to making sure your summer adventures don’t turn into a summer of sadness. You should always be prepared to dress a wound, call for help, and shelter from the sun. We carry “everything you need” first aid kits, so you don’t have to stress about forgetting something. It includes, bandaids, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, shears, alcohol pads and more. However, remember to double-check your first aid kit and personalize it where it makes sense. Maybe you put an extra EpiPen in yours or backup medication. Make sure to update your kit every 3-5 years, and give it a look before taking it out. 

Don’t forget sun protection! This elevation is no joke—so hat up, screen up, and take shade breaks more than you might think you need them. We carry a Sun Super Salve that functions as a natural sunscreen, a variety of brimmed hats, beautiful bandanas, and more. 

Hydration is essential for summer activities. Luckily, we have options to make drinking water a little more fun: our insulated water bottles will keep you cool and happy during outdoor adventures. We carry Hydroflasks and Nalgenes.

Are You Ready to Pack up Your Gear? 

This is by no means an exhaustive list! Just our current faves for summer gear. Hopefully, it inspires you to start planning some adventures for this summer and many summers to come.  What would you add to the list? Let us know what your favorite summer gear is in the comments.